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Your Family Friendly Dentists in Syracuse

Everyone knows that optimal oral health and hygiene is maintained with regular, routine brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Although it is imperative to keep up with your oral cleaning habits, it is still in your best interests to visit a dentist twice a year. Yes, brushing and flossing is important, but hard-to-reach areas in the mouth can still become breeding grounds for bacteria, form plaque, and potentially form tartar. Only professional dentists can properly clear these spots of plaque and keep your oral hygiene in tip-top condition. Creative Dental Concepts of CNY, located in Syracuse, NY, offers comprehensive, effective general dentistry that will keep your mouth healthy, functional, and ultimately, free of oral problems.

Dental Care You Deserve

The stellar doctors and expert staff at Creative Dental Concepts of CNY are upper echelon practitioners with years of training and experience. Our entire office is equipped with the latest in dental technology, and our team is current with the latest dental trends, all in the pursuit of providing the best care for every patient that makes an appointment at our Syracuse, NY office. When you arrive at our office, our amazing, friendly staff will greet you, and we will ensure that whatever treatment you require – from restorative treatments to cosmetic dentistry – the experience will be comfortable, straightforward, and entirely effective.

Caring Treatments for Every Situation

Creative Dental Concepts of CNY is dedicated and passionate about providing the best dental care possible, which is why we do not focus on solely one aspect of dentistry. Our doctors and team are masters of several dental fields, and regardless of the type of treatment you need, we will be able to correct oral problems and return your mouth to pristine form. Our offices are able to accommodate for various procedures and treatments, including:

General Dentistry

When you come in for an appointment, we hit all the bases during your examination. We will take X-rays of your mouth, perform an oral cancer screening, and thoroughly clean your mouth, teeth, and gums. If we spot a problem, we will then proceed with the next steps for correcting it, educating you with the process along the way. Our dental practice can provide the following general dentistry treatments:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Our dentists understand that most people do not want to have a dull, or yellowing, smile for the rest of their lives. Food and beverages stain teeth, and yellowing occurs naturally, as you age. Instead of battling the stains with over-brushing, we can provide in-office or take-home teeth whitening treatments. Our dentists can also help patients achieve that celebrity-like smile with the application of porcelain veneers. These thin strips of porcelain can help shape teeth and give a bright, lovely smile.

Restorative Dentistry

Thousands of Americans experience severe problems with their teeth every day. Whether it’s due to a facial injury, trauma, or tooth decay, people break, fracture, chip, or lose teeth. We can provide comprehensive restorative procedures to correct tooth fractures or lost teeth. Our expert doctors can permanently replace missing teeth with our durable, strong dental implants, and we can fix broken or fractured teeth with dental crowns.

Schedule an Appointment with our Dentists in Syracuse

Our dentists are ready and willing to provide the best oral care available. Our goal is to utilize our wide range of skills to fix any dental issues, correct imperfections, educate patients on furthering oral hygiene, and seeing people walk out of our office with bright, wide smiles. We happily provide our services to the families who live in Syracuse, NY, Fayetteville, Minoa, Jamesville, and the surrounding communities.