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Dental Technology

Digital Radiographs

We offer digital radiographs as an alternative to conventional X-rays. Not only does this innovative technology reduce your exposure to radiation by 90%, it also improves our ability to find and diagnose potential problems in your mouth.

Intraoral Camera

The examination rooms of Creative Dental Concepts of CNY are all equipped with intraoral cameras. These allow us to show you detailed color images of your mouth on a chairside computer monitor. This way, when we are explaining a dental condition, you can actually see what we are talking about. Our Syracuse patients really appreciate this technology!

Cosmetic Dental Imaging

Did you ever wonder what your teeth would look like if you had dental work done? Dr. Craybas can actually show you how your appearance would change with porcelain veneers, crowns, or bonding procedures to correct unwanted discolorations, misalignments, or fractured teeth before you commit to doing it, thanks to their expertise in digital photography and computer technology. Ask us for a complimentary digital simulation.
Call us today to schedule an appointment at Central Dental Concepts of CNY. Dr. Craybas sees cosmetic and restorative dentistry patients from Syracuse and nearby New York towns.