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Prevent Pain with Tooth Extractions

Your teeth are designed to last a lifetime with the right care. However, there are some instances where you may need to have a tooth removed, such as due to wisdom tooth complications or severely damaged teeth. At Creative Dental Concept of CNY, we try to do everything we can to prevent a tooth extraction. Depending on your individual situation, we may recommend the removal of a tooth to restore your oral health. Although tooth extractions are common, you should never have a tooth removed without a consultation with your dentist in Syracuse. Dr. Craybas will perform the consultation you need.

Extraction of Damaged Teeth

There are many reasons why it may be in your best interest to have a tooth removed. Often, we will recommend the removal of a tooth that has been significantly impacted by damage, such as injury or decay. When a tooth can no longer be saved with traditional restorative dentistry, it will need removed. You will then need to have the tooth replaced with an effective dental prosthetic, such as a dental implant.

When a tooth is removed due to damage, it prevents further complications with your dental health, such as infection. We will evaluate the tooth and discuss its removal using a comprehensive treatment plan. We will discuss your tooth replacement options to restore your oral health and functions. With years of clinical experience, our dental team is invaluable in helping you make the right decision.

Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

During the late teen years, a third set of molars erupts, known as the wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, most people need to have their wisdom teeth removed because their jaws cannot accommodate another set of molars. If they are not removed, it can lead to overcrowding and infection. In some cases, the wisdom teeth may become impacted in the gum tissue or jawbone. To prevent dental complications, the teeth need removed.

A wisdom tooth consultation is conducted to determine the best means to remove the teeth. If the teeth are visible, you may need a simple extraction. However, if the teeth are impacted or partially impacted, you will need a surgical extraction. After the teeth are removed, your oral health is restored. You will not need to have the teeth replaced with a prosthetic option.

Your Dentist for Extractions

At Creative Dental Concepts of CNY, we perform the consultation necessary to determine if a tooth needs removed. In addition to a clinical examination, we take diagnostic images to help create a customized treatment plan. We will discuss the benefits of having the tooth removed while answering your questions and concerns.

If it is decided you need a tooth removed, we will refer you to an oral surgeon if we are not capable of performing the procedure in-office. We have an extensive network of highly skilled and reputable oral surgeons to handle your extraction procedure.

If you suspect you need a tooth removed, contact our office today for a consultation. We will evaluate your oral health to determine if an extraction is in your best interest.