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Come to Creative Dental Concepts of CNY for Concierge Style Dentistry

At your service, ladies and gentlemen. Dr. Craybasis intent on providing you, their valued patient, with the best possible dental care and customer service. With this in mind, we are now pleased to offer concierge style dentistry.

Taking advantage of this service, you will see one doctor who will be entirely responsible for your dental care, from dental cleanings to restorative procedures and cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Dr. Craybas takes great pride in developing a relationship and rapport with each one of their patients. With concierge style dentistry, you can depend on your Syracuse dentist to give you all the time you need for treatment and a discussion about your oral and dental health. We want to make sure you understand your treatment options and the reasoning behind your dentist’s recommendation.

The Advantages of Concierge Style Dentistry

Concierge style dentistry offers you all of the benefits of concierge medicine without the added fee or retainer. Dr. Craybas simply wants to make sure you receive the best of care while you’re in our office. From the moment you walk in you’ll notice the difference. Our front office staff is friendly and helpful. The dental assistants and dental hygienists are skillfully trained to care for smiles of all ages. Each and every member of the team is devoted to the goal of patient-centered care, and concierge style dentistry helps us keep you the focus.

Dental Services from Creative Dental Concepts of CNY

Creative Dental Concepts offers a complete menu of dental services including:

Your care begins with a thorough and gentle dental cleaning and examination. Dr. Craybas will oversee each step of this baseline appointment. Once cleaned and polished, each tooth will be carefully checked for signs of decay, cracks, loose fillings or other types of structural damage. We also recommend annual digital x-rays in order to find any problems that may not be hidden during visual inspection—a cavity between two teeth or an infected tooth.

Based on what we find during your checkup, the dentist in Syracuse will recommend a course of treatment. He will take the time to explain any required procedure so you understand and are comfortable with the process.

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If you would like to know about concierge style dentistry, then please contact Creative Dental Concepts today. We’re glad to offer you and your family the exceptional dental care you deserve.