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Dentist in Syracuse Explains Why Healthy Gums Are Essential to Optimum Oral Health

January 24, 2019

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Smiling woman in the dental chair. Just as houses rely on their foundations for support, your gums provide stability for your teeth. If your gums are not well, your teeth are at risk. The health of your teeth and gums also affects other aspects of your well-being. Your dentist in Syracuse reveals why periodontal (gum) health is essential for your overall health.


New Year, New Smile? Your Dentist Can Help!

December 8, 2018

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Woman preparing to floss her teeth.With so much information on the links between oral health and overall health, there has never been a better time to take charge of your health care. There are some steps you can take to achieve optimum oral health, and your dentist has some helpful tips and ideas. Ready to make your oral health a top priority in 2019? Read on to learn how.


Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

August 13, 2018

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Woman experiencing dental pain.That slight twinge in your tooth that was bothering you a couple of weeks ago has now become a more consistent problem. You’re feeling it every time you enjoy a cold drink, and it’s taking longer to go away. You’re not sure if it’s time to contact your dentist or if you might need root canal therapy. Here’s what you should know.


Schedule a Dental Implant Consultation to Learn More About the Benefits

July 18, 2018

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Model of a dental implant. If you are living with a failing tooth, you understand the impact it has on your overall health and well-being. Chewing and eating becomes difficult and sometimes even painful, while smiling and talking to other people may make you feel self-conscious. You’ve heard about dental implants, but you have a lot of questions. A dental implant consultation is a great place to start. We’re also going to share information here on what an implant is and how it can benefit you, so read on.


Your Dentist in Syracuse Discusses the Benefits of Excellent Periodontal Health

June 15, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — cerecuse @ 5:36 pm

Woman having a dental examination.When your house was built, your builder started with a firm foundation. So it is with your teeth, as your jawbone and gums set the foundation for them. When your gums are not healthy, your teeth are in jeopardy. Your dentist in Syracuse explains how to maintain good periodontal (gum) health in order to promote good oral health.


Your Dentist in Syracuse Explains Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants

May 17, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — cerecuse @ 3:54 pm

Man sitting on a bench deep in thought. Your tooth is failing and it’s become painful. Your dentist in Syracuse has told you that you need to think about replacing your tooth in order to protect your oral health. You’ve heard that dental implants are an excellent solution, but are they the right choice for you? Your dentist has the answers you need to decide if dental implants are the right solution for your needs.


Everything You Should Know About Root Canal Therapy in Syracuse

April 24, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — cerecuse @ 7:13 pm

Man experiencing dental pain.If you’ve been told you need a root canal, it is likely that your tooth is infected and you may be experiencing pain. This could be due to trauma, an injury, a fracture, or decay that has reached the inner nerve of your tooth. The important thing is to complete your root canal therapy in Syracuse in a timely manner in order to relieve your pain, eliminate the infection, and preserve your tooth structure. Here’s how it works.


I’m Missing Multiple Teeth, What Are My Options?

January 5, 2018

Filed under: Uncategorized — cerecuse @ 6:30 pm

Woman staring out the window thinking.You never thought there was hope after you lost your third tooth. You learned to chew certain foods with your limited function and other foods you just had to give up. You thought you would have to live with missing teeth and the toll that it’s taken on your confidence for the rest of your life. But you have just learned about partial dentures in Syracuse and now you feel there may be some hope for your situation!


Your Dentist In Syracuse Explains Extractions

December 29, 2017

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A girl hiding her teeth.Finding out that you need a tooth removed brings up all sorts of feelings. Anxiety, dread, or fear might be some of the emotions you are feeling. Your dentist in Syracuse wants you to know that extractions don’t have to be frightening or even painful thanks to modern dentistry and an excellent dental team. Here are some circumstances that may require an extraction and what you can expect during your procedure.


Your Dentist in Syracuse Provides a Patient-Focused Dental Practice

October 30, 2017

Filed under: Uncategorized — cerecuse @ 8:17 pm

A woman having a dental exam.Dentistry has changed a lot over the years with the addition of new technology and advanced procedures. A heightened focus on preventive care and services helps patients avoid costly and invasive procedures by consistently maintaining their oral health. The atmosphere in the office has also changed with many corporate dental chains emerging focusing on fast procedures and an increased volume of patients. This typically results in less attention to personalized service. While this type of business model meets the needs of many patients, there is no room for a patient-focused approach. Your dentist in Syracuse shares why patient-focused dentistry is important.


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