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5 of the Strangest Dental Emergencies That Can Occur

February 9, 2021

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Man with hand on his cheek due to dental emergency

Dental emergencies—they happen out of nowhere, and they’re never completely preventable, which is why they can be incredibly surprising. However, there are wide variety of urgent issues that can occur, some much stranger than others. That’s why your dentist has included a list of the top 5 weirdest dental emergencies. Read on to satisfy your curiosity and learn more.

#1. More Than Just Normal Swollen Gums

This story is nothing short of shocking, but it serves as a cautionary tale. A boy visited his dentist for a routine checkup and cleaning, but his parents noticed he had been rubbing his gums. Right away, the dentist noticed that his gum tissue was super swollen. Why? There were maggots in the area. After completely removing them, it was time to discuss the importance of oral healthcare with the entire family.

#2. Something is… Growing

So you planted a seed and are now watching it grow… but what if that happened in your mouth? During a routine root canal, a dentist found what appeared to be a small seed among the plaque and tarter. There was actually a tiny plant that had sprouted out of the seed. After further inspection, and speaking with the patient, the dentist decided it was a tomato seed.

#3. Hanging by a Thread

Having doubts about the importance of gum care? During gum disease treatment, a dentist noticed that their patient’s teeth were being held in place by a calculus bridge. This hardened plaque from avoided flossing was removed, leaving the affected teeth hanging by a thread—they even moved when she breathed!

#4. Facial Hair Can Do Harm

Beard and mustaches of all shapes and sizes have certainly grown more popular over the years. However, one dentist will never look at facial hair the same. During a routine checkup, they found an ant in the patient’s mouth, quickly realizing that it came from his beard. Home to many bugs, his beard was actually causing nasty dental issues.

#5. Super Glue Gone Way Too Crazy

When a crown comes off or breaks, contact your dentist right away. One patient tried to reattach their restoration with superglue, eventually gluing the wrong teeth and her throat. Thankfully, a dental professional can help.

The next time a simple dental emergency occurs, don’t be afraid. Remember that your dentist has seen much worse, and they are here to help with their experience and training in all types of urgent situations, including bugs!

Meet the Dentists

Dr. Gregory A. Craybas and Dr. Donald A. Crumb combine their advanced training and decades of experience to offer a variety of emergency treatment options, including root canals, tooth replacements, custom-made restorations, gum disease therapy and more. If you have any questions, they can be reached through their website or by phone at (315) 475-6641.

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