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When Do You Need an Emergency Root Canal?

June 9, 2020

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Woman smiling in dental chair after root canalFor many people, dentistry is low on their list of fun things on the calendar. And, of all the dental treatments, patients often dread root canal therapy. But why? Root canals are designed to help patients smile with comfort without having to extract their natural teeth. So how do you know when you need one? What really is a root canal, and does it hurt? Keep reading to get peace-of-mind with all of the answers you need.

How Do You Know When You Need an Emergency Root Canal?

The first sign of needing a root canal is pain. If you experience persistent pain or sensitivity that won’t go away, there’s a good chance that you have infection or decay inside the structure of your tooth. The inner portion of your tooth called dentin is incredibly sensitive, which is why pain is an obvious first sign. Here are some other symptoms that may require a root canal:

  • Pain when eating or applying pressure
  • Pain or sensitivity to hot or cold that lingers
  • Darkening in a tooth
  • A small pimple-like bump on the gums near the affected tooth
  • Tender or swollen gums near the painful area of your smile

If you notice any of these warning signs, contact your emergency dentist immediately. They will examine your mouth before recommending the proper treatment. For most toothaches (infections), a root canal will be necessary.

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Root canals often get a bad reputation for causing discomfort, when in reality, this procedure helps patients get out of pain rather than put them in it. In fact, the only slight discomfort you may experience is some faint soreness after your treatment. Before root canal therapy, your dentist had to completely extract your tooth to get you out of pain. Plus, they have sedation dentistry options for a greater sense of relaxation if you need it. While a root canal may never be your favorite activity, it is a necessary and much more comfortable procedure than you may expect.

How Root Canal Therapy Works

After ensuring that you’re completely numb and relaxed, your dentist will create a tiny hole to access the inside of your tooth. Then, they will clean out any infected or decayed dental tissue before filling the area with a biocompatible material called gutta percha, which will help strengthen the structure of your smile. After, your dentist will protect the affected area by placing a dental crown to restore the appearance and function of the tooth.

Now that you know more about root canal treatment and when you may need it, you can get your smile back to its full health if you notice a problem!

About the Practice

At Creative Concepts of CNY, Dr. Gregory A. Craybas and Dr. Donald A. Crumb combine their knowledge and expertise to help their Syracuse patients smile. If you need a root canal or any other emergency dentistry treatments like high-quality restorations, they are ready to help. For any questions, they can be reached through their website or by phone at (315) 475-6641.

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